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Server Notes 3

What type of zone is necessary for computer hostname-to-IP address mappings, which are used for name resolution by a variety of services?
A. primary lookup
B. secondary lookup
C. forward lookup
D. reverse lookup                                               Ans: C

Qus 50 :  What DLL must be registered to use the Schema Management snap-in?
A. schmmgnt32.dll
B. schemamanagement.dll
C. schmmgmt.dll
D. adschm.dll                                                       Ans: C

Qus 51 :  Replication within Active Directory will occur when which of the following conditions is met?
A. An object is added or removed from Active Directory.
B. The value of an attribute has changed.
C. The name of an object has changed.
D. All of the above                                             Ans: D

Qus 52 :  What command-line tool can be used to manually create a replication topology if site link bridging is disabled if the network is not fully routed?
A. Dcdiag
B. Repdiag
C. Repadmin
D. Netstat                                                              Ans: C

Qus 53 :  Certain operations, such as a password change or an account lockout, will be transmitted by using __________ replication, which means that the change will be placed at the beginning of the line and applied before any other changes that are waiting to be replicated.
A. urgent
B. immediate
C. fast
D. pushed                                                              Ans: A

Qus 54 :  Which FSMO role has the authority to manage the creation and deletion of domains, domain trees, and application data partitions in the forest?
A. Relative Identifier Master
B. Infrastructure Master
C. Domain Naming Master
D. Schema Master                                              Ans: C

Qus 55 :  What types of memberships are stored in the global catalog?
A. domain local
B. universal
C. global
D. local workstation                                          Ans: B

Qus 56 :  What console must be used to move the Domain Naming Master FSMO role?
A. Active Directory Users and Computers
B. Active Directory Forests and Domains
C. Active Directory Schema
D. Active Directory Domains and Trusts                     Ans: D

Qus 57 :  What command-line utility is used to import or export Active Directory information from a comma-separated value (.csv) file?
D. DCPROMO                                                     Ans: C

Qus 58 :  What special identity group is used by the system to allow permission to protected system files for services to function properly?
A. Network Service
B. Restricted
C. Service
D. Self                                                                    Ans: C

Qus 59 :  When using CSVDE, what is the first line of the text file that uses proper attribute names?
A. header row
B. header record
C. name row
D. name record                                   Ans: B

Qus 60 :  Which of the following is not a characteristic of a strong password?
A. at least eight characters in length
B. at least one character from each of the previous character types
C. is not your birth date
D. differs significantly from other previously used passwords                             Ans: C

Qus 61 : What is a system of digital certificates, certification authorities (CAs), and other registration authorities (RAs) that verify and authenticate the validity of each party involved in an electronic transaction through the use of public key cryptography?
Ans: B

Qus 62 : What types of certificates are generated by the enterprise CA and used to generate a smart card logon certificate for users in the organization?
A. enrollment agent
B. enrollment credential
C. enrollment verification
D. enrollment authority    Ans: A

Qus 63 :  What process applies Group Policy settings to various containers within Active Directory?
A. attaching
B. linking
C. connecting
D. nesting                                              Ans: B

Qus 64 :  The __________ Policy is linked to the domain, and its settings affect all users and computers in the domain.
A. Default Domain Controller
B. Default Domain
C. Default
D. Domain                                            Ans: B

Qus 65 :  What policies work with folder redirection to provide the ability to cache files locally?
A. registry-based
B. software installation
C. folder redirection
D. offline file storage                        Ans: D

Qus 66 :  What is the path to the default GPT structure for a domain?
A. %systemroot%\\sysvol\\sysvol\\\\Policies
B. %systemroot%\\sysvol\\\\Policies
C. %systemroot%\\\\Policies
D. %systemroot%\\Policies                            Ans: A

Qus 67 : What section of GPO Local Policies allows administrators to log successful and failed security events such as logon events, account access, and object access?
A. Local Policy
B. Security Policy
C. Audit Policy
D. None of the above                         Ans: C

Qus 68 :  What provides administrators with the ability to redirect the contents of certain folders to a network location or to another location on the user’s local computer?
A. Folder Sharing
B. Folder Redirection
C. Desktop Redirection
D. Profile Redirection
Ans: B

Qus 69 :  Settings available in the __________ area of Group Policy allow greater administrative control in establishing rules and governing the issuance, maintenance, and guidelines within a public key infrastructure (PKI).
A. PKI Policies
B. Secure Key Policies
C. Public Key Policies
D. Private Key Policies                     Ans: C

Qus 70 :  __________ files are used to apply service packs and hotfixes to installed software.
A. Update
B. Patch
C. Upgrade
D. Enhanced                                        Ans: B

Qus 71 :  Which of the following is a software restriction rule that can be used to govern which programs can or cannot run on your network?
A. hash rule
B. certificate rule
C. Path rule
D. all of the above                              Ans: D

Qus 72 : What policies are designed to identify software and control its execution?
A. Software Restriction
B. Software Execution Prevention
C. Malicious Software Detection
D. Malicious Software Removal Policies     Ans: A

Qus 73 : What is the sum of the policies applied to a user or computer after all filters, security group permissions, and inheritance settings, such as Block Policy Inheritance and Enforce, have finished processing?
A. Effective Permissions
B. Resultant Set of Policy
C. Effective Set of Policy
D. Applied Polic                                  Ans: B

Qus 74 : Rather than simulating policy effects like the Group Policy Modeling Wizard, what obtains RSoP information from the client computer to show the actual effects that policies have on the client computer and user environment?
A. Group Policy Simulator
B. Group Policy Planning
C. Group Policy Modeling
D. Group Policy Results                   Ans: D

Qus 75 : What refines the application of a GPO to include or exclude certain users, groups, or computers based on the ACL that is applied to the GPO?
A. Block Policy Inheritance
B. Policy Delegation
C. Group Based Filtering
D. Security Group Filtering            Ans: D

Qus 76 :  What manual process defragments the Active Directory database in addition to reducing its size?
A. online defragmentation
B. local defragmentation
C. remote defragmentation
D. offline defragmentation              Ans: D

Qus 77 :  The Reliability and Performance Monitor uses categories called performance __________ to organize the items that can be monitored.
A. objects
B. counters
C. items
D. classes                                              Ans: A

Qus 78 :  What is the command-line component of the Windows Server Backup snap-in?
A. wbadm
B. wbadmin
C. backadm
D. ntbackup                                          Ans: B

Qus 79 :  Server Backup does not support the use of which type of backup media?
A. CD drives
B. DVD drives
C. hard drives
D. magnetic tape                                 Ans: D

Qus 80 : What is the name resolution mechanism that computers use for all Internet communications and for private networks that use the Active Directory domain services included with Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003, and Windows 2000 Server?
D. ADFS                                                Ans: A

Qus 81 : What type of zone contains the master copy of the zone database in which administrators make all changes to the zone’s resource records?
A. secondary zone
B. stub zone
C. primary zone
D. forwarder zone                              Ans: C

Qus 82 :
What are the highest-level DNS servers in the entire namespace?
A. top-level name server
B. root name server
C. authoritative name server
D. upstream name server                 Ans: B

Qus 83 : In terms of AD FS, what organizations contain the user accounts that are accessing the resources controlled by resource organizations, similar to a trusted domain in a traditional Windows trust relationship?
A. user organizations
B. account organizations
C. computer organizations
D. resource organizations                Ans: B

Qus 84 :
What role in ILM is to provide services for managing public key certificates that can be used by any security system that relies on a PKI for authentication or authorization?
A. Active Directory Users and Computers
B. Group Policy
C. Active Directory Certificate Services
D. Active Directory Domains and Trusts
Ans: C

Qus 85 : What enables a user to manually create a certificate request file using the Certificates MMC snap-in?
B. Certificate Request Wizard
C. Autoenrollment Wizard
D. Enrollment ACL                           Ans: B

Qus 86 :  The process of keeping each domain controller in synch with changes that have been made elsewhere on the network is called __________.
A. copying
B. osmosis
C. transferring
D. replication                                      Ans: D

Qus 87 :  __________ is the highest available forest functional level.
A. Windows 2000
B. Windows Server 2003
C. Windows Server 2008
D. Windows 2009                               Ans: C

Qus 88 :
A __________ name references an object in the Active Directory directory structure by using its entire hierarchical path, starting with the object itself and including all parent objects up to the root of the domain.
A. common
C. schema
D. distinguished                                  Ans: D

Qus 89:
To raise the functional level of a forest, you must be logged on as a member of the __________ group.
A. Domain Admins
B. Enterprise Admins
C. Global Admins
D. Universal Admins                         Ans: B

Qus 90:
__________ roles work together to enable the multimaster functionality of Active Directory.
D. FOMO                                              Ans: A

Qus 91:
What utility is used to manually create trust relationships?
A. Active Directory Trust Console
B. Active Directory Trust Wizard
C. Active Directory Domains and Trusts MMC snap-in
D. Active Directory Domains and Trusts control panel
Ans: C

Qus 92:
What role provides developers with the ability to store data for directory-enabled applications without incurring the overhead of extending the Active Directory schema to support their applications?
D. AD LDS                                            Ans: D

Qus 93:
The primary goal of intersite replication is to minimize the usage of __________.
A. Active Directory
B. administrative labor
C. bandwidth
D. financial support                           Ans: C

Qus 94 :
What process is responsible for selecting a bridgehead server and mapping the topology to be used for replication between sites?
A. Intersite Bridgehead Replicator
B. Intersite Replication Generator
C. Intersite Bridgehead Generator
D. Intersite Topology Generator   Ans: D

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